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RJA Annual Report FY 2016

RJA Annual Report FY 2017

The WV Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority was created by the West Virginia Legislature in 1985. The purpose of the Authority is to provide safe, secure and humane care for persons ordered to be incarcerated by the courts. Generally, regional jails serve both pre-trail defendants and persons sentenced to terms of one year or less. However, offenders sentenced to serve terms of confinement in the custody of the Division of Corrections may also be held in regional jails while awaiting transfer to the state correctional system. The inmate population consists of county, state, and federal inmates, both male and female.

Vision Statement

The vision of the West Virginia Regional Jail Authority is to be recognized as the leader in professional jail administration and to maintain that leadership by being able to move to the forefront while adapting to change.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority is to ensure the safety of the public, staff and inmates by maintaining a safe, secure and humane system of regional jails, and to provide incarcerated persons with the opportunities for self-improvement and rehabilitation by participating in educational programs.

Core Values 

Our core values begin with our commitment to the citizens and elected officials of the State to train and develop staff who are imbued with the highest ethical and professional standards with emphasis on personal integrity and dignity and respect for others regardless of their station in life.

We recognize our employees to be our most valuable assets. As such, they will be trained and properly equipped to effectively do their job.
Our employees will be instilled with a sense of responsibility and accountability for their actions and, by their example, set the same standard of responsibility and accountability for inmates.
We take pride in our public service and will strive to perform our duties in a manner that will be beyond reproach and reflect upon our obedience to the laws of our State and the Regional Jail Authority’s policies and procedures.

Statements of Responsibility 

Our Customers:
Our first responsibility is to the taxpayers, law enforcement agencies, and government entities that depend on us to maintain public safety.
To meet their needs- everything we do must be of high quality, adverse to risk, and security focused.
We must constantly strive to reduce our costs to lessen the taxpayer burden.
We will be transparent- providing prompt and accurate information to serve our governmental customers and the public.
Our Employees:
We are responsible to our employees.
Everyone will be considered as an individual.
We will respect their dignity and recognize their worth.
We will strive to provide job security and career advancement opportunities.
Compensation must be fair and adequate.
Working conditions will be clean, orderly and safe.
We will be mindful of ways to help our employees fulfill their family responsibilities.
Employees must feel free to make suggestions and make complaints.
There will be opportunity for employment, development and advancement for those qualified.
We will provide competent management, and their actions will be just and ethical.
Our Communities:
We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work.
We will partner with local governments to support civic improvements, better law enforcement, and education to reduce recidivism.
We will be environmentally responsible in the communities we serve.
Our Inmates:
We are responsible to the inmates in our custody.
We will respect their dignity and recognize their worth.
We will provide a safe incarceration environment.

We will provide opportunities for education, rehabilitation, and motivation to live successfully upon release.



The WV Regional Jail Authority has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual abuse. If you have information from an inmate of alleged sexual abuse or sexual harassment, contact that facility’s Administrator immediately; or contact the WV Regional Jail Authority’s central office at (304) 558-2036.
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